Semantic SBOL

For current development notes about Semantic SBOL see the Open Wet Ware wiki page:

Basic Information

SBOL Semantic is part of the effort to define Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) by the Synthetic Biology Data Exchange working group.

More information can be found at the mailing list, and the sourceforge code repository for the project.

Please contact Michal Galdzicki if you have any questions.

Current State of Contents

As of now 9/2/2009:

This server hosts a Sesame 1.27 endpoint: which contains BioBrick part data kindly provided by Cesar Rodriguez and Emma Weeding.

The BioBrick parts have been encoded using an RDF/OWL ontology (sbol.owl) built described by the SBOL core data model

Special Thanks

Kyung Kim - for gratiously letting us host this service on his machine

Sauro Lab - for supporting the project from the begining


Synthetic Biology Data Exchange working group meeting, Stanford, July 26, 2009

Standards and Specifications in Synthetic Biology Workshop held in Seattle April 26-27, 2008. Sponsored by the Microsoft Computational Challenges in Synthetic Biology Initiative.


University of Washington

National Library of Medicine